ENERMAX Readies LIQMAX II 240 Liquid Cooler for 2nd Gen AMD Threadripper

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    ENERMAX has put up a product page for a revised version of its LIQMAX II 240 liquid cooler, which they’ve readied in expectation of AMD’s second-gen Threadripper CPU lineup. Remember that the new AMD Threadrippers will bring about much increased levels of performance due to their doubled core-counts in relation to first-gen Threadrippers – and of course, a doubling in core counts necessarily translates into increased power consumption, even if AMD did bring about some more power efficiency improvements to the design (besides those already enabled by the usage of the 12 nm fabrication process).

    The new LIQMAX II features support for AMD’s TR4 socket, and according to ENERMAX, can dissipate up to 350 W of waste heat due to the usage of multiple technologies, such as their patented Shunt-Channel-Technology (SCT) boosts thermal conductivity. Innovative batwing blades improves overall airflow for increased thermal dissipation at the radiator level, and revised pumps work to allow fluid circulation to flow unimpeded. Expect the LIQMAX II 240 to launch at or around the time of AMD’s Threadripper II.





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