Epic Games Store’s Exclusivity Deals Lead to Controversy

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    Just a day after launching, the Epic Games Store looks to be facing its first controversy. With the launch of the new storefront, several games have made the decision to offer exclusive availability through the Epic Games Store. Exclusivity with Epic on its own is understandable given the store’s impressive 88%/12% revenue share. However, a controversy is brewing over both the way in which these games revealed their exclusivity and what appears to be a clamp on transparency with regards to what these exclusivity deals entail.

    The Epic storefront launched in the middle of The Game Awards 2018 alongside the announcement of Supergiant Games’ latest title, Hades. Hades is, at least for the time being, available via early access exclusively through the Epic Store. While this decision has been met with frustration by some fans, it has otherwise been positively received. After all, Hades was only just announced and there were no prior expectations that it would be available elsewhere.
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