Ex-Blizzard Entertainment Employee Alleges Racial Abuse & Discrimination

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    A former Blizzard Entertainment coordinator accused a current employee of the development studio of racial abuse in a lengthy Tuesday post on TwitLonger.

    “During my employment at Blizzard Entertainment in the Blizzard Esports Team supporting Hearthstone and the Hearthstone Championship Tour, I was the victim of racial abuse and discrimination during April-December 2016 until I was transferred to the Blizzard Esports Business Operations Team,” the former coordinator, Jules Murillo-Cuellar, wrote. “I write this, not only, to finally get closure, but to tell my story as a minority who was abused and later failed by leadership.”

    Throughout his post, Murillo-Cuellar accused Gemma Barreda, a strategic planning manager at Blizzard Entertainment, of frequently making racist jokes about his Mexican heritage and of accusing him of being sexist towards her.
    Source: cogconnected

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