Excelsior! World of Warcraft pays tribute to Stan Lee

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    World of Warcraft’s latest patch in the public test realm adds an NPC to Stormwind Keep, called Stormwind Stanley, who looks somewhat familiar.

    That is, of course, a tribute to Stan Lee, the former writer, editor, and publisher of Marvel Comics who died in November. Stormwind Stanley doesn’t do much other than take a long stroll around the keep and its grounds, but its a chance for fans to walk with the creator of Iron Man, the Hulk, and Spider-Man. Stanley he also greets passers-by with “Excelsior!” Lee’s signature valediction.

    Miners discovered two other models for the Lee tribute character, but so far it’s unknown where they are in the game. Wowhead has all three models to look at in greater detail.

    Source: polygon

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