Faraday Future Wants Its First Production Car to Have 1,089 HP

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    Despite its very harsh ups and downs in recent years, Faraday Future has somehow ended up with a $2 billion lifeline to see through the making of its first production vehicle, the all-electric FF 91. The startup has said it’ll happen at some point this year, but a new document filed with the federal government suggests the first iterations could come soon.

    Auto writer Bozi Tatarevic unearthed the filing Thursday, a VIN decoder document that Faraday submitted to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. What’s notable is that Faraday still seems hellbent on maintaining the specs it suggested the FF 91 would have back when it was first introduced in early 2017—namely, a car that can push more than 1,000 HP.
    Source: jalopnik

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