Florida Police Make Arrest in Alleged Multi-State SIM Card Hijacking Ring

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    Florida police made an arrest last month in an alleged “SIM-jacking” ring, with court documents claiming the scammers involved stole SIM cards belonging to other individuals and used them to amass a small fortune.

    Fraudulently obtaining a victim-specific SIM card, a small smart card that associates a mobile device with a specific subscriber’s account, allows an attacker to remotely seize control of the victim’s phone number. That’s a big problem, seeing as many major services from cryptocurrency exchanges to Amazon allow users to recover or change account credentials by using an associated number.

    Per the Verge, court records first dug up by security researcher Brian Krebs show that investigators in Canton, Michigan first learned of the alleged scheme when a mother overheard her son pretending to be an AT&T employee on the phone. Searches of his computer revealed databases of names and phone numbers from both AT&T and T-Mobile customers, eventually discovering he had a obtained large number of SIM cards tied to victims in at least seven states, some of whom said that they had been pilfered of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in cryptocurrency.
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