Ford Technicians Will Learn to Fix Mustang Mach-E with a VR Game

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    What sits underneath the hood of a Ford Mustang Mach-E may be a surprise to anyone used to traditional internal-combustion-powered, front-engine cars. Ford, for one, wants you to believe it’s a good place to serve shrimp from (we can’t help but disagree). The forthcoming electric vehicle—just like other EVs—has nothing to show off when the hood is propped up; so you might imagine that there are a few new things for the technicians to learn at the local Ford dealership.

    Almost everything is new on this brand-new nameplate, so to learn how to fix it, Ford’s technicians are being trained via virtual reality. Ford, in collaboration with Bosch, has developed a VR program whereby technicians will learn how to diagnose and service the Mach-E so that when the vehicle starts rolling into their shops, they know what to do. Bosch is also developing an extension of the training program in which the technicians will use the VR system to interact with the car and examine different parts of it.

    Source: caranddriver
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    Why? They didn't know what to do with regular cars...

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