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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Judas, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Whatever memes or horrible things for those that don't know anything about the game but tend to already have a negative perspective on it due to those memes or whatever...

    The original game.. the game itself just called Fortnite original.... but later had the "Save the World" attached to it out of necessity to seperate it from the Battle Royale "Game Mode"... There's actually a story to the whole thing and it's actually pretty decent for the most part without getting excessively boring like most RPGs. IMO it's a decent spin, feels like Borderlands with building and crafting weapons while performing similar tasks with a guarantee (provided you set yourself to public play) to cooperatively make things work. There is no PVP at all.

    Anyways, as it's early access yet and they continue to pump tons of content into the game itself, most of the focus still remains on the battle royale part of the game which is rather unfortunate since the story is arguably interesting and well put together.

    Recently they added the storm king story and you got a big boss to fight. Sadly my first encounter with it would probably be considered easy, likely because i ended up joining a game in progress.

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