Gary Numan says his 'sadness will linger for a lifetime' after tour bus hits & kills 91-year-old man

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    Gary Numan says his "sadness will linger for a lifetime" after his tour bus hit and killed a 91-year-old man.

    The Cars hitmaker, 60, says he was "utterly devastated" by the tragic events, and has revealed that his team is struggling to cope with their sadness.

    The 80s singer, whose real name is Gary Webb, said in a statement on Twitter : "Before I say anything about today, how we feel, how we hurt, I want to make it clear that we absolutely understand that our pain is nothing compared to that of the family of the man who died yesterday. But, I can only speak for us.

    "Tonight we continued our tour, we played in Louisville, Kentucky, and we are grateful beyond measure for the support and kindness we were shown by the fans, the venue staff, everyone.

    "A lot of grown men amongst us cried tonight. This is not something we will get over quickly, if ever. Our sadness will linger for a lifetime, but this is we we do, we play music. But we will never forget."

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