GM, Tesla activate features for EV owners in Florence's path

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    As Hurricane Florence approached the East Coast of the United States, both General Motors and Tesla remotely activated features in their cars that could be of use in an evacuation.

    Folks will remember that prior to Hurricane Irma making landfall last year, owners of certain models of Tesla's SUVs and sedans fleeing Florida ahead of the storm were surprised to discover their vehicles were getting 30 to 40 miles more range than expected. Tesla confirmed they can control the cars remotely.

    Tesla confirmed to NBC News they were able to reprogram its vehicles remotely to increase the amount of battery capacity a motorist in the evacuation area could access.

    And while there were some questions over Tesla's ability to control a customer's vehicle, the one thing Tesla owners didn't have to worry about was the resulting gas shortage brought about with Hurricane Irma.
    Source: digitaljournal

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