God of War Comic Series Announced, Set Between God of War 3 and the Reboot

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    God of War (2018) may not have been a clean slate from the series, but it was still set far enough away from its predecessors – in terms of both geography and time – that it felt like a fresh beginning. That said, there’s more than a few threads connecting it to the series’ Greek era, and questions about what happened to Kratos after God of War 3, and what led up to the events of the 2018 soft reboot, have been asked often.

    While many of us have hoped that that story would be told either through flashbacks in the sequels or perhaps through dedicated spinoff projects, it seems like the series will be taking a different approach. Dark Horse Comics have announced (via ComicBook.com) God of War: Fallen God, a series of comics that will be set after the events of God of War 3, which should fill in some of the gaps between it and its sequel.
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