Gothic 3 Not Gold

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by Iria, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Source: Blue's News
    The Gothic 3 Website (thanks Frans) has word that Gothic 3 is not gold, in spite of the announcement last week that it is (story). Word is:

    On September 12th we have shipped a Goldmaster version of Gothic 3 for replication. However, due to several problems that got known only afterwards no production has taken place, instead we decided to create another, new goldmaster. This new master is currently (Sep 21st) still being worked on! Therefore, no one has had any access to the version that will start selling on October 13th in various European territories. No testing (by external persons) of this version can have been done. All test results that have been published up to now are based on the scrapped goldmaster or in many cases on even older preview versions.

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