Hennessey wants to build a 1,200bhp mid-engined Corvette

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    One of 2019’s Big Important Car Stories centred around the new C8 Chevrolet Corvette. It had, after much hype, placed its V8 engine in the middle of the car for the first time in ever.

    This, clearly, wasn’t Big or Important enough for Hennessey Performance, because the Texan tuner has just announced something Really Big: a 1,200bhp twin-turbo upgrade for the ‘Vette’s 6.2-litre V8.

    Because why settle for a naturally-aspirated LT2 with 495bhp when you can upgrade to a twin-turbo one with an exact sweet-lord-my-organs-have-combusted bhp figure? Sure, the setup is specially designed, using upgrades like two turbos and forged aluminium pistons and steel rods and upgraded internals. Nowhere on the list does it mention upgrading your own, fleshy human internals, though, so maybe look into that.

    Hennessey also plans on a carbon fibre bodykit – front splitters, air dams, a massive rear wing, dandy little roof scoop – as well as something suitably stoppy to stop it. Like Brembo brakes. And something suitably suspendy to… suspend it. Like adjustable Penske dampers. Wheels and tyres are similarly upgradable. As is a stainless steel exhaust system.




    Source: topgear

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