How to input Coaxial digital from dvd player to output as "monitor" to speakers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kocoman, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Ok, another question.. sorry for asking so much in one day, I sound like spamming..

    I have a dvd player that outputs coaxial, I assume SPDIF or PCM.

    So I also have the SB009x Audigy (10k2) with the AUD_EXT (the 40 pin older connector, NOT the one pictured in the knowledgebase). I don't have the 40 pin bracket thinggy

    From what I have read, the SPDIF IN should use pin 6(and its next door neighbour ground), or pin 15(and its next door neighbour ground)...

    The question is, which one do I use and how to set up the "mixer" so I can output the coxial input to the regular "Rear" speaker (the swap made default by the kx drivers)

    Sort of like an computer "receiver/amplifier".. kind of like the minidisk deck like in the other thread I asked. I don't need to "record it". just "monitor". If this was for MIC in I can set it up, but since there is 2 SPDIF in.. its somewhat confusing.

    I am assuming that spdif is the same voltage as coxial..

    sort of like what was requested below...

    Connecting PS2 to PC SPDIF In


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