Intel SSD update taken down - reports of hosed drives

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    We reported days ago that Intel offered a new firmware update for their SSD drives - the 02HA "TRIM" firmware as well as the SSD Toolbox. There were reports of up to 40 percent increases and everyone was really happy .... well until reports started flooding in of drives mysteriously dying.

    Those affected seemed to be running Windows 7 and Intel have since release taken down both the firmware and the Toolkit while they investigate what has gone wrong.

    Intel have posted information saying the removal is temporary and they are aware of the issues on Windows 7 systems. This isn't really a great answer for those already affected by the issue, but Intel are asking that those affected contact them via their own forums to report the issues and hopefully get a new drive in the process.

    I recently flashed our own Intel M25 160 GB 34nm drive with the firmware and I haven't experienced any issues yet, although I am certainly not seeing anything close to 40% performance gains either.

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