iPad saves construction firm $1.8 million annually

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    Dallas construction company Rogers-O'Brien started using iPads on sites for the last five years, reports Business Insider, in a project overseen by director of applied technology Todd Wynne. Out of the 340 employees working for the firm, 190 possess an iPad for work purposes.

    "Everyone on the operations staff gets an iPad that comes to work at Rogers O'Brien," advises Wynne. The half of the company that receives an iPad effectively consists of those working in the field, namely anyone who isn't in the office full-time.

    The iPads play a role in helping to manage the vast amounts of paperwork involved in a construction project, including keeping all involved working from the same up-to-date version of building plans. This "One Truth" method is estimated to save around 7 percent on costs for each project, due to a reduction in mistakes caused by using outdated documents.
    Source: appleinsider

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