Kanye West to Trump: Dump Air Force One for Fictional Hydrogen-Powered 'iPlane One'

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    Kanye West, superstar rapper and self-proclaimed fan of U.S. President Donald Trump, visited the White House Thursday, where he let out a nine-minute tirade at the Oval Office about what he believes oppresses this country. However, he also took the time to pitch the President an idea to replace Air Force One with an airplane he claimed Apple was working on, called "iPlane One".

    Making things even more bizarre, it's the fact that the plane isn't only fictional, but was identified by The Verge to have been plucked from a college student's thesis project in 2012. During the meeting, West enthusiastically talked about his love for American industry; encouraging the president to support domestic automakers, specifically naming Ford. Despite his praise, West's garage has been populated with over $6.3 million in foreign-produced exotic and luxury automobiles, including a Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin DB9, several Lamborghinis, and a Russian-made Prombron Red Diamond.
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