Kojima Productions is selling branded tape for some reason

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    DEATH STRANDING developer KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS will be selling branded TAPE at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019. This may seem a bit confusing and strange, but that’s pretty much par for the course for anything that springs forth from the mind of HIDEO KOJIMA.

    Kojima Productions have spent the last few days getting ready for the Tokyo Game Show 2019. As part of their preparations, they’ve been announcing several pieces of merchandise that will be available for sale at their booth at this upcoming gaming convention. There’s the standard fare one might expect like a collectible Nendoroid figure and socks, of course. The umbrellas are slightly stranger, but totally appropriate considering their use in Death Stranding. Today’s announcement, however, borders on downright weird.

    “More goodies debuting at the Kojima Productions Store in #TGS2019,” the tweet said. “We present these two (in our humble opinion, awesome) tape sets: damage sensor tape design in yellow / orange, red / dark brown, and black / white. They will be available at our merchandise booth for 900 JPY!”

    Source: gamerevolution

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