Lenovo refreshes its gaming laptops and desktops to look less ‘juvenile’

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    Lenovo is going after gamers who abhor the "garish" designs that some product makers feel are necessary to attract an audience. As if the company was hit with an epiphany, Lenovo acknowledges that even dedicated gaming PCs are sometimes used for other things, even *gasp* work, and so it redesigned its laptops and desktops with a different aesthetic in mind.

    "Catering to avid PC gamers who value substance as much as style, the latest from Lenovo Legion are redesigned from the ground up to offer a modern and polished aesthetic that does less to flaunt a flashy, juvenile look, and more to deliver high performance without the garish frills," Lenovo said.

    Lenovo introduced six new Legion gaming PCs in all, including two laptops (Y730 and Y530), two desktop towers (T730 and T530), and two cube desktops (C730 and C530). Several of them feature RGB lighting, so Lenovo isn't completely leaving behind gaming tropes. These are all gaming PCs, however, so it makes sense that Lenovo isn't packing its new systems in strictly business attire.

    Source: pcgamer
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    Oh gorgeous!

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