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Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by cwt.rick, Feb 22, 2015.

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    I am currently deciding to get a MBA or MBP. I am not gonna wait for the next update cuz I am kinda in a hurry for it for uni.

    I own a gaming PC but I need something portable. Thus I bough a Acer W700 years ago but I have been disappointed on it due to the poor build quality and I don't enjoy using Windows 8.1 (Oh..and most importanly, it is heavy!!!). I know Surface Pro 3 might be good but I just want a laptop (Ultrabook like) with a keyboard (Which is not a cover like keyboard).

    So I first decided to get MBA because of its weight. The thing is the CPU and GPU might not be powerful for me. I would use it for daily uni work such as word, excel and web. But the thing is later on I will getting an internship which I might need it for my work where I might need to perform sketch using AutoCAD, Revit or Robot Structural (For Civil Engineering stuff). And Sometimes I might want it for games if I am leaving for oversea and get boarded. Not a heavy game but something like lol or city skyline in minimum performance. Which in other word, light gaming.

    The only thing that makes me still unable to decide is the weight of Macbook Pro. For 13" 2014 version. Do you think it will be too heavy compare to the Air?

    I actually wanted to wait for the new MBA with boardwell chip thinking it will be more powerful so I can sometimes do some light gaming when I am free and not with my PC. But rumor says it will be a fanless laptop. Does this means it is not gonna be compatible even for light gaming.

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    Above and beyond anything else when deciding to buy a MBP or MBA for uni make sure your uni uses Macs. If you're using Office and other Microsoft applications, go for a Windows laptop. That will avoid any possibility of incompatibilities, tweaks, etc, etc. and, for uni work, you just don't want the aggro.
    For example, if you're presented with a USB drive that is formatted to NTFS and you haven't enabled compatibility with NTFS drives on your Mac you'll be there for some time researching and tweaking to enable the ability to read and write to that USB.

    For price vs performance in general it's a Windows laptop. Macs are expensive and, though it is justifiable, I'm denoting price vs performance. Have a look at the price of a Macbook Pro with a Core i7, 128GB SSD and Intel graphics then compare that with a Windows laptop with the same or similar processor, 128GB SSD and Intel graphics.
    The screen resolution is arguably deceptive. A rMBP has a screen resolution of 2880x1800 but the default DPI is 200%, giving an effective screen resolution of 1440x900. When you change it to 100% the text is too small for practical work and mid-way is fine, though you're back to an effective screen resolution in the general vicinity of 1920x1080 (well, a little higher, but still way off 2560x1440).

    Gaming-wise, you'd have to go for the top-end rMBP to gain an Nvidia graphics card (specifically the 750M). While that's a reasonable graphics card (performance-wise, it's about on-par with a GTX 285) you're limited to Mac-compatible games. Pop open Steam at some point and see if the games that you want to play are compatible with OSX.
    Yes, you could dual-boot Windows but then you're using Windows anyway, plus you're sacrificing harddrive space. Speaking of disk space, you would have to get external drives for additional harddrive space for Macs but Windows laptops often have a 2.5" drive bay and one or two mSATA drive bays, which provides you with more space.

    In regards to weight you can get slimline laptops that have a reasonably low weight and for performance (gaming and processing power), just have a peek at the laptops in the MSI section of this forum. You wouldn't need to go for an MSI laptop, I'm just using them for reference. True, they're not quite as light as Macs but for the difference in weight it definitely shouldn't be a deciding factor. Just avoid thick laptops as they tend to be significantly heavier.

    On the other hand, if your course does use Macs then you'd best go for the top-tier rMBP.
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    U'd better buy Air! I guess)

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