Mitsuoka 'Rock Star' announced

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    What do you make of this, then? Mitsuoka, the Japanese coachbuilder infamous for its bizarre creations has struck again, announcing the MX-5-based 'Rock Star'.

    As you can see, the aesthetic is very much Corvette C2 inspired. The rear end particularly so, but the wings and bonnet also hark back to the American classic, while the front adds some buggy little headlights into the mix which really throw the whole design off - try covering them up and see how much better it looks...

    Inside and underneath it's all still ND MX-5. Not even the more muscular 2.0-litre version that we so enjoy, but the 130hp 1.5-litre. Nothing wrong with that motor in the diminutive roadster, of course, but in something as aggressively styled as the Rock Star, it does seem a tad underwhelming. Mazda's fantastic six-speed manual is still standard, though, which is some consolation.



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