Morocco Seeks to Produce 1 Million Vehicles a Year by 2025

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    Inaugurating the 2018 edition of the Automotive Subcontracting Fair, which took place from April 25-27 in Tangier, the minister set himself the challenge of reaching 1 million vehicles produced each year in Morocco by 2025.

    “We are going to exceed MAD 100 billion of export sales which is expected by 2020, but I will take a new bet and raise the bar to MAD 200 billion export with a production capacity of one million vehicles by 2025,” the minister said.

    Commenting on the performance and achievements of the sector, Elalamy said that Morocco aspires to make the automotive sector a real vector of development, stating that the automotive industry is the leading export sector with nearly MAD 70 billion of turnover registered in 2017, compared to MAD 40 billion in 2014, marking 44.5 percent of industrial exports.
    Source: moroccoworldnews

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