MSI Leopard Pro GP72MVR Review

Discussion in 'MSI UK Forum' started by Diagonalspoon, Mar 1, 2018.

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    Having used this laptop around a week now I am very happy with my purchase, My uses are mainly for work as I use a rendering software for interior design, I am also an avid gamer so this laptop seems like a great choice. I purchased this laptop for £999 from CCL computers which for a GTX 1060 GPU and a 1770HQ CPU with a SSD was the best laptop I could find for this price range.

    - Keyboard
    The keyboard is great so far the high keys have a great tactile feel and are easy to press, the RGB is not something I have used as much but this is much better than any other normal backlit keyboard I have come across before. My only slight issue is the delete key is placed above the numpad which is an odd position for me but I will get used to it I'm sure!

    - Speed
    The speed is a massive upgrade from my last HDD only laptop. Windows 10 on the SSD has a lightning fast boot time and is ready to go instantly. I have moved my main documents and desktop onto the HDD as to not eat up the SSD storage and only installing programs I use frequently on the SSD for the boost. The 7th gen i7 proccessor is a big leap from my last 6th gen one and the speed can be seen from my rendering program which has halved my render time which makes a massive deal.

    - GPU
    The GTX again is a massive step up from my last laptop and now I can finnally run some games smoothly. My first test was PUBG which on my last laptop ran at 30fps on the lowest settings, Right out of the bat I was getting a solid 60fps on all high settings.

    - Software
    The software for the dragon centre seems to be intuitive and runs quite well, The only issue I have is that it was a little complicated that the RGB keyboard seems to either run from the dragon centre or you can change this from the SteelSeries program but you soon figure this out. Windows 10 leaves some things to be desired but that is not the fault of the laptop and that is an entirely different thread!

    Without going on into a thousand little details. My last laptop was an HP that cost a little over £1,200 1.5 years ago. In my eyes, this is a laptop that at the moment seems to be the very best bang for your buck. If there was a better deal I couldnt find it.

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