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    Hey all! Fancy checking out some of worlds BEST gaming laptops? Fancy seeing the worlds thinnest / lightest BACK PACK PC in the VR ONE? Well.....if you live in or around is your chance! We will be showcasing some of our fantastic Gaming Laptops & VR ONE with HTC VIVE at the Westfield shopping center for the THE TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE! We have partnered up with YOYOTech to show you some of the most exciting hardware available on PLANET EARTH! Did I hear say you want more? OK THEN....because we love you all so much...MSI have decided to work closely with YOYOTech to bring you some show specials!

    Are you interested in one of the most popular events of the year? Well check out COMIC CON!!!
    It's happening between the 28th - 30th of October 2016 and we shall be there again to show you WHY....we are NUMBER 1 in GAMING!
    We will be hosting some mini tournaments with lots of cool prizes...but more importantly...our machines will be set to free play so you can enjoy some great gaming on some of the best GAMING NOTEBOOKS in the market!
    Are you interested in VR? Ok...well....we have something special for you!
    We will be showcasing our VR ONE Gaming Backpack PC + HTC VIVE on both days! Come and check out some of the coolest new technology which we are sure will take GAMING to the next level!
    We will have the full range of G series NB's on display including the award winning Nvidia GTX 10 series VR models!
    So if you are thinking about purchasing a new laptop soon...and want some advice...or even to try it out...then come visit us and have a chat with one of our friendly staff!

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