Mustang Driver Ticketed Going 92 MPH Arrested Going 142 MPH Same Day

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    An Oklahoma woman has been arrested following a police chase in which she was measured driving 142 miles per hour.

    In the early hours of Saturday, deputies received word to watch for a speeding yellow 2018 Ford Mustang, and soon pulled over such a vehicle driven by a 31-year-old woman, a resident of Council Bluffs, Oklahoma according to Omaha World-Herald. The woman was ticketed for driving 92 mph in a 75-mph zone, which carries a $35 fine according to Driving Laws, and sent on her way. Rather than humble her driving, the woman reportedly took off rapidly, and was reportedly measured by the deputies' radar gun at 142 mph.

    Deputies then gave chase, but the driver did not acknowledge the deputies' demand that she pull over. The chase ended when the woman stopped at a rest area, which allowed law enforcement to catch her, where she was arrested on suspicion of willful reckless driving, and locked up at Lincoln County Jail. It was not immediately clear whether her vehicle was impounded, though a search of the woman's Mustang revealed a substance alleged to be marijuana, which could impose additional charges on the woman. The fine for her second bout of speeding, if applied, could cost an additional $205, totaling $240 in fines for her two speeding offenses.
    Source: thedrive

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