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    War movie about a WWII battle.

    I think it was black and white film, but perhaps it wasn't.
    A platoon or a bit more, find themselves behind enemy lines or near them. I think somewhere in Italy, but I could be wrong.
    The first part of the movie has a calm to it, no fighting etc. At times it feels almost like a psychological thriller, or something out of this world taking place.
    But it isn't.
    I want to say it was about the battle of Anzio, but perhaps it wasn't. I know it isn't the movie Anzio though.
    At one point in the movie the troops (American iirc) take cover each next to a tree in an orchard, trying to take cover and not be seen by an enemy airplane.
    The movie was made before the 80s, but no idea when. So it can be anything from the late 40s till the 70s.
    I know it's not much, but that's what I remember.

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