Netflix's The Witcher Has Caused Major Reprinting to Meet Demand

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    Less than one month ago, The Witcher released on Netflix. Since that time, the series has become a huge hit for the streaming service, but it has also resulted in increased demand for Witcher-related products. At the tail end of last year, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt set a new record for the most Steam players playing the game at the same time at 93,835. While that number would be impressive for any game, it's all the more notable considering the game is nearly five years old! CD Projekt Red's title isn't the only one seeing increased demand, however. Orbit Books has announced that they are printing half a million books to meet increased demand for writer Andrzej Sapkowski's original works!

    It truly is a testament to Netflix's series that fans are looking for ways to extend the experience. One of the biggest problems with the streaming era is that fans tend to binge things so quickly that they don't have time to really digest and enjoy them. However, the increased interest in more Witcher content clearly shows that players don't want the experience to end so quickly.
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