Nintendo share prices tumble after yesterday's lackluster E3 Direct

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    Any number of factors can influence a company's stock. Changes in upper management, scandal within the firm, and general public perception can all cause shares to go up or down both slightly and dramatically.

    Yesterday Nintendo held its E3 press conference, and it left me and others confused and disappointed. This disappointment seems to have been reflected in Nintendo’s share prices as the company’s stock has plummeted over six percent since yesterday. It did make a small rebound this morning, but as of this writing it is still not back up to pre-E3 levels.

    It is possible that there are factors other than a bad press conference contributing to the 6.21-percent price drop, but if there are they have not been made public aside from analyst speculation. All indicators seem to point to the E3 Direct presentation being the cause of the dip.
    Source: techspot

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