Nitro Concepts D12 (Smol Boi) Gaming Desk

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    Over the past 12 month’s we’ve seen quite the rise in gaming-related furniture hit the market, with Nitro-Concepts at the forefront of this with a variety of chairs and quite recently, desks. Nitro-Concepts released the D16 height adjustable desk in November of 2019 with electronic and manually adjustable gaming desks complete with a lovely finish, a full desk covering gaming surface, and very competitive pricing, for what is ultimately the key part of any battle-station.

    Today we see the launch of the newest addition to Nitro’s desk range, the D12. Designed to fit into the smallest of spaces with a width of 116cm it definitely is a ‘smol boi’. It sports the same finish as the D16 desks and has some accessories to go with it. CUPHOLDERS! That’s right, no more rage slamming your desk and emptying your drink all over your keyboard, not only do you get CUPHOLDERS, there’s also a headset holder!


    You can see from the image above the legs are made from steel, so a nice and solid platform to rest all your lovely peripherals on, it’s a lot smaller than it’s hench big brother, but that’s fine, if you’ve got a small setup to work with then this is exactly what you need!


    ‘Designed for gamers, the new Nitro Concepts D12 Gaming Desk has a premium finish and the outstanding aesthetics associated with Nitro Concepts. It is both robust and ergonomic with a spacious layout to ensure the ideal gaming experience. The D12 has additional features such as a convenient headset holder, drinks holder and is also optimized for cable management. All in all, then the Nitro Concepts gaming desk will be the centerpiece of your gaming setup.’

    ‘The Nitro Concepts D12 Gaming Desk’s tabletop can easily support two monitors and any additional accessories gamers need. The D12 is made from a durable MDF with a special coating, which makes it the perfect surface for tracking subtle mouse movements and means no need for an extra mousepad!’


    ‘As with all Nitro Concepts products the D12 Gaming Desk has an unmistakable look. It’s black and red colour scheme will ensure the D12 stands out within your gaming setup. A slight inward recess on the front gives it an ergonomic shape that, along with support for forearms and elbows, makes the D12 comfortable to sit at, even for extended gaming sessions’

    Dimensions: approx. 116 x 75 x 76 cm (W x H x D)
    Weight: 19kg
    Material: steel(frame), MDF(tabletop), plastic(tabletop coating)
    Colour: Black/Red
    Features: ergonomic design, cable grommets, holders for headset and drink

    Now Available to Order for £114.95.

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