Photogenic Snake Triggers Nest Doorbell Camera

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    Smart doorbell cameras come in handy when you’re not at home and still want to see when someone rings your doorbell. However, if you were Kansas resident Mackenze Bullins, you probably got surprised when the alert that you got revealed that a snake had trigger your Nest Hello doorbell’s camera.

    When the snake slithered around the doorbell and triggered it she got an alert on her smartwatch that someone was at her door. She asked her husband to check who was there and when he looked at the footage he saw the snake, who looks quite photogenic mind you, looking into the camera.

    Bullins got multiple alerts because the snake kept slithering around the doorbell which repeatedly triggered the alert on her smartwatch. She later posted the videos on Facebook captioned “This is NO JOKE!!…I’m at work and this freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!! Someone PLEASE come get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!”

    Source: ubergizmo

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