Photographer Uses 1,000-Year Shutter Speed for 3018 Photo Exhibition

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    Talk about long-exposure photography: photographer Jonathon Keats has set up four cameras around Lake Tahoe for 1,000-year-long exposures — that’s a shutter speed of 31,536,000,000 seconds. He has also booked space for an exhibition of the resulting photos in the year 3018.

    The project is all about “documenting the long-term effects of climate change in the Tahoe Basin,” Keats tells PetaPixel. “The cameras are simultaneously mechanisms for people to view and modulate their own actions in the long term.”

    Each of the four cameras is a Millennium Camera, a design that Keats first unveiled back in 2015. It’s an ultra-simple, ultra-durable copper camera that features a pinhole pierced through a plate of 24-karat gold.

    Source: petapixel

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