PlayStation Loses Exclusivity To Quantic Dream Games Going Forward

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    The PlayStation brand has lost one of its staunchest supporters, as David Cage reveals Quantic Dream games will be coming to other platforms in the future, outside of individual exclusivity deals that could potentially be on the table.

    Quantic Dream is a video game developer that has released five games since 1999. The Quantic Dream games are generally interactive stories that are designed by David Cage, who is the founder and current president of the company. Quantic Dream started producing games exclusively for PlayStation systems, with 2010's Heavy Rain originally being a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Heavy Rain was followed by Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, with both of the older titles being ported to the PlayStation 4. Quantic Dream made the decision to port its PlayStation exclusive games to PC earlier this year, which means that Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human, and Heavy Rain are now available on the Epic Games Store, making them another developer that has skipped releasing its games on Steam.
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