Pokémon Go v0.123.1 to bring AR+, Gen IV critters, and more (APK Download)

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    Pokémon Go is still alive and kicking. Earlier this year, players finally got the ability to trade monsters with friends, a hallmark of the core Pokémon series fans had been asking for since the game's launch. Now, a new update is set to bring enhanced augmented reality (AR+) and creatures from the Sinnoh region featured in the series' fourth generation of games.

    AR+ arrived on iPhones months ago, but it's only now making its way to Android. The feature allows for a more convincing augmented reality view, seeing Pokémon stay in one place more realistically. You can also get closer to the monsters, and catching them from up close can provide in-game bonuses. The mode will be exclusive to phones that support ARCore, but that list is fairly extensive by now.
    Source: androidpolice

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