Porsche Transporter Concept Is The Only Way To Move Your 935

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    Porsche has a long and storied racing history that dates back to the turn of the century. But an oft-forgotten accent piece to all that on-track success was a pair of 1968 Mercedes-Benz transport vans that moved cars like the 917 and 956 to and from tracks around Europe. Both of them are still around, interestingly enough; one calls Porsche headquarters home, and another was formerly on display at the Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, Florida.

    But with a new 911 on the way (and undoubtedly many 992-based racers to follow), and the debut of the track-only 935 a few weeks back, one designer thinks it's time for Porsche to reimagine its iconic red bus with a modern interpretation. And we agree.

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