PUBG is getting a new map and sticky bombs for season 6

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    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to kick off its sixth season, and when it does, players will have a new map to do battle on. Today PUBG Corp revealed Karakin, a new 2km x 2km map that promises some intense action. Karakin will also bring a new map mechanic called the black zone along with it, which will change the map as matches play out.

    The black zone more or less sounds like a way to keep people from camping in buildings. Just as the red zone forces players into hiding, the black zone is meant to flush players out of buildings and into the open. The black zone is indicated by a purple circle on the map and signaled by a siren that players will hear in-game – when that siren goes off, all of the buildings in the purple circle will be at risk of being destroyed.
    Source: slashgear

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