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    Never mind
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    i started to write this but didn't post it, i saw you were asking about how to load RIAD drivers when you don't use a floppy drive...
    you have to perform an unattended Windows installation, or just buy an internal floppy drive, its cheap (unless your motherboard does not have a built-in floppy controller), and if you don't want to have the drive on your system at all the time just do a temporary hook up. then read the motherboard manuals...
    things that you want to know would be:
    the following how to...
    ...create a RAID driver diskette (if the motherboard has a built-in or an onboard RAID controllers you should be able to find the driver files in your motherboard drivers CD/Disks), ...enter your RAID BIOS setup pages, ...create and configure the RAID array, ...set hard drives boot priority, also how to change the boot sequence for RAID or onboard controller, ...use and enter F6 key to install the RAID drivers, and also, install the Windows onto the RAID drive.

    i think that’s all there is to it. the manuals may not provide an in-depth detail on all of that, but it should help you get started.

    to learn more about the RAID drive setups... repeat all steps of the setup over again,
    delete and re-build the RAID arrays, try other type of RAID sets and stripe sizes... these will help you.

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