Researchers develop AI that reads lips from video footage

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    AI and machine learning algorithms capable of reading lips from videos aren’t anything out of the ordinary, in truth. Back in 2016, researchers from Google and the University of Oxford detailed a system that could annotate video footage with 46.8% accuracy, outperforming a professional human lip-reader’s 12.4% accuracy. But even state-of-the-art systems struggle to overcome ambiguities in lip movements, preventing their performance from surpassing that of audio-based speech recognition.

    In pursuit of a more performant system, researchers at Alibaba, Zhejiang University, and the Stevens Institute of Technology devised a method dubbed Lip by Speech (LIBS), which uses features extracted from speech recognizers to serve as complementary clues. They say it manages industry-leading accuracy on two benchmarks, besting the baseline by a margin of 7.66% and 2.75% in character error rate.
    Source: venturebeat

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