Rockstar Games' Parent Company Demands $150,000 From 'GTA Online' Modder For Damages

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    Rockstar Games' has been raging war against some prominent modders in the Grand Theft Auto Online community recently. And that war has hit another flashing point.

    Back in June of last year, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games struck down Open IV, which wasn't well received by the game's community, but the pair have continued since then striking out against certain types of modding, especially mod menus.

    Earlier this year in August, Take-Two filed a lawsuit aimed at Jhonny Perez, a GTA Online modder out of Florida. At the tie, the massive media company claimed that Perez had breached Copyright infringements by creating and selling mods for the game that were designed to grief players and ruin the online experience.

    The controversial modding software was dubbed "Elusive," and was sold anywhere between $10-30.
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