Russian Nuclear Bombers Fly Too Close to Alaska, Get Free F-22 Escort

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    A pair of Russian strategic heavy bombers recently flew near an important U.S. military base in the Aleutian islands chain. The bombers were intercepted by Alaska-based U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor fighters, but at no point entered U.S. airspace. The exercise may be an early part of, or training for, this month’s Vostok-2018 Russian military exercises.

    According to the Washington Free Beacon, the two Tu-95MS “Bear” bombers flew near the Shemya island in the Aleutian islands chain. Shemya is home to the Eareckson Air Station and the gigantic, 120-foot-tall Cobra Dane early warning radar.

    The Tu-95 bomber first flew in 1952. Modernized versions fly today as the Tu-95MS cruise missile carrier. The Tu-95MS is basically similar to American B-52 bombers: an aging but reliable bomb truck that can also attack heavily defended targets with long-range cruise missiles. The Tu-95MS is so old it uses contra-rotating propellers instead of jet engines.

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