Seagate drops the world's largest tiny hard drive

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Calliers, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Hard drives might take a back seat to SSD's when it comes to sex appeal, but when it comes to space on the cheap, Seagate’s BarraCuda line will turn heads.

    Seagate on Tuesday announced two new BarraCuda drives—one of which now holds the record for being the largest-capacity 2.5-inch drive.

    The BarraCuda ST5000 pushes the capacity limit from the previous 4TB to 5TB, and will be priced around $85. Seagate says the drive uses the company’s 1TB-per-platter design that it unveiled at CES in January 2016. The same drive is also available in 4TB and 3TB models.

    All are 5,400rpm drives with 128MB of cache and a two-year warranty. Power consumption is rated at 2.1 watts under load and 1.1 watts while idle.

    Source: pcworld
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    Meanwhile Samsung has already shown off a 16TB 2.5" drive... granted it's nowhere near 85 dollars...

    the only people REALLY concerned about space internally are a few people on laptops.... the vast majority of the demand will be for those with consoles however.

    We can already get the 1TB SSDs for a fairly granted currently expensive... but not out of reach price.... and if samsung has their way soon, we'll have 8TB ssd's on the cheap.... i'd pay $200 for a 8TB ssd.
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    Not only people who have laptops care for 2.5" drives. My main (non job related) computers are laptops. One is my main game pc. It has M.2 SSDs, only. Not 2.5" drives. Yet I am very interested in 2.5" drives. Talking about HDDs. I prefer them to 3.5" because I want them as external drives without the need for separate power. When you have more and more of them (external drives) you not only need room for the drives, but also for the power supplies. Also with more things, more things can go wrong.
    2.5" external drives are awesome. Give me more TB in 2.5" form!!!
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