Sega Genesis Mini Is a Classic Console to Rival Nintendo’s Best

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    Nintendo, as they’ve done many times before, started a huge trend when they released their NES Classic. The mini system flew off of store shelves, and even I remember waiting outside of a Best Buy two hours before they opened to try and get one. Other publishers took note of Nintendo’s success, and since then we’ve seen countless other “classic” consoles get announced, from the PlayStation Classic to the Commodore 64 Mini.

    What we haven’t seen, however, is a classic console that can rival the quality and sheer value of Nintendo’s, perhaps, until now that is. Back in the 16-bit era Nintendo and Sega were in the heat of a console war, with each constantly trying to one-up the other. Some fantastic games came out of this competition, on both sides, and now the Genesis side of things gets its time in the sun, with the Sega Genesis Mini.

    The Genesis Mini is easily the most impressive classic console I’ve seen since Nintendo’s efforts, both in terms of the game offering and how the hardware actually works. The Sega Genesis Mini comes with 40 games in total, plus two bonus titles of Tetris and Darius, classics in their own right.

    Obviously this is quite a bit more than most classic consoles; literally double the games features in the PlayStation Classic. This allowed Sega to have a more diverse lineup, but it’s not just a matter of quantity over quality, as the selection of titles for the Genesis is great.


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