Snapchat is Ditching Its Hated Redesign So People Will Finally Stop Complaining

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    Remember that massive Snapchat update that pissed off basically everyone? Well, Snap is pulling a bit of an about-face and issuing a redesign of the redesign after receiving nothing but a barrage of boos from its once loyal userbase.

    The latest update, which recently started rolling out to iOS users as pointed out by the Los Angeles Times, ditches the “Friends” page that mashed up chats and stories. The content will once again be made separate, and chats will return to being listed in chronological order so you will no longer be at the whim of Snapchat’s mysterious algorithm that tried to guess who you might want to talk to.

    When firing up the redesigned app, users will once again be directed straight to their camera. Conversations with friends can be viewed by swiping to the left, while Stories now live on a dedicated page that is accessed by swiping right. Stories are also now presented in feeds: Friends; Subscriptions, for publishers and people you follow; and For You, the recommended content surfaced by Snapchat for you to watch.
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