So what do you think about NVidias GPP?

Discussion in 'General Graphics Cards Discussion' started by Liqourice, Mar 15, 2018.

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    I've been seeing a lot of reactions to this the last few days and more or less all of them have been very negative. Even some that have been real nvidiafans are reacting negatively about it, probably because they realise that it might hurt them in the future.

    I guess some would think I'm an AMD fanboy and that might even be true but in my view that doesn't really matter, if all about this is really true even nvidia fans should be concerned since it is probably gonna hurt their wallets in the long run. A monopoly situation isn't good for anyone but the company with the monopoly.

    What's your ideas?
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    It's just bad.... the general tone of the program is identical to how intel's own illegal activities during their left behind era and prior worked.... basically isolating the market by throwing money at anyone that would take it or by basically blackmailing other companies into be forced to purchase their products exclusively. It's all a program that appropriates a completely separate manufacturers own branding for their own which is simply insane...

    Much to how dell was paid billions of dollars to only offer intel cpus.... intel basically bought dell and locked them into a situation that ensured that they could only ever make the best profits by only ever buying intels own cpus exclusively. The same kind of ideas i being perpetuated by nvidia... they've been doing a lot of stuff like this for well over a decade, but nvidia's balls are so damn big, they have no quarms about blatantly stating it outright.

    There have been numerous developers and various studio employees i've had the privilege to have conversations with which have worked for known studios that basically don't touch ATI or now amd graphics cards at all during their development of many of the triple A titles they release simply because of the general in house contractual agreements with nvidia that essentially lock out or make it unprofitable, unnecessary expense to bother with amd/ati graphics cards from the get go... MANY developers of thousands of indie games have been locked into this by either their own free will essentially or because it just doesn't logically make sense to break the agreement that nets them dollars.

    One gripe i've got is the shear number of people that will blurt out "Well if that's such a terrible shame for nvidia to throw money at developers, why can't amd/ati do it" which is a stupid statement to make, because nvidia is 80% of the market or better, they also have billions of dollars in the bank... and amd/ati still hasn't gotten out of the huge hole they currently reside in... PLUS they have tried to do this, even during the period in which they were profitable to a degree, the best they could do was nearly and barely get within the 40% marketshare range and it was so short lived because even when AMD/ATI are doing things VERY right and totally holding nvidia's face to the fire, the VAST majority of consumers are so avidly brain washed ... sorry "mind shared" into continuing to buy nvidia's inferior product... that nvidia still wins, even when they are overpriced. There are millions of consumers that don't even see amd/ati as a graphics card that can be purchased, they have no idea what they are.. to them, there's only ever been one graphics card company and that's nvidia.

    When you've a sheep like mentality like that, expecting the underdog to magically take top spot even when they have a better product, is simply delusional at best... it would seem realistic to do it, i mean if the capitalistic system is working as intended, that should just be the way it works, the best product wins right? But it doesn't and it never has actually worked that way, specially if the company on top can HEAVILY sway consumer spending simply by throwing boatloads of money at ensuring that their competition has no hope of managing to bump them off the top let alone reaching parity.

    AMD/ATI have dumped insane amounts of free open source materials and technological advancements to the world.... because 1: they couldn't charge for it like nvidia does with their own variations which have been actually sampled from amd/ati's prior work that wasn't adopted... 2: because they aren't the dominant leader it's difficult to get any developers to implement their own universally support solution remotely as easily... however nvidia just throws money at them to adopt gameworks technology (which is reworked prior amd tech for the most part) and then close it up and then make amd basically struggle to optimise for it since they can't universally optimise as it's closed.

    Either way, AMD/ati has an uphill battle.. and all nvidia keeps doing is throwing walls and moats and litterally anything legally and illegally that they can, using any loop hole they can leap through with an army of lawyers at the forefront.

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