Sony 3d display prototype demonstrated

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    Lets all be honest, watching a 3D movie with those corny coloured glasses sucks. We all know it.

    Some good news, Sony have launched a prototype which is set to be shown at Japan's Digital Content Expo this Thursday - instead of a standard flat screen display a 13 x 27cm cylinder displays the image. It is based around an OLED display that shows an image which can be viewed from any angle - in true 3D. Technically this is extremely different to a standardised 3D display which projects an image via anaglyph images or polarising filters.

    Unfortunately the let down is the resolution which is a mere 96x128 pixels in size although at least it is 24 bit colour. To be fair to Sony, the device is a rather nifty prototype and is a very early indication of how things are going to be in a few years time.

    Sony Japan are currently showing a video of the unit which you can see over here

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