Splinter Cell Fans are Hoping for a New Game Reveal After Voice Actor Shares An Interesting New Pic

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    As rumors have grown for a new Splinter Cell game for some time, a new teaser has added fuel to the fire from an unlikely source: an Italian voice actor.

    Coming off of 2013’s excellent Splinter Cell: Blacklist, fans of the Splinter Cell series and its iconic agent, Sam Fisher, have been hoping for a new entry in the series for quite some time. With teases and hints having popped up over the past few years, fans are getting their hopes up once more thanks to a recent post from a seemingly unlikely source, the Italian voice actor for Sam Fisher.

    Italian actor Luca Ward shared a new photo on his official Facebook page that has started to get fans of the Splinter Cell series riled up in the hopes of a new game reveal. For context, Ward was the Italian voice actor for Sam Fisher in several games in the series in the past.

    Source: dualshockers

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