Star Wars: Lucasfilm Shuts Down Knights of the Old Republic Fan Remake

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    "It's with a great sadness that I'm posting today; I recently received a letter from Lucasfilm instructing Poem to end production on Apeiron," said project lead and Poem Studios member, Taylor Trotter. "I recently received a letter from Lucasfilm instructing Poem [Studios, the team behind the remake] to end production on Apeiron. After a few days, I've exhausted my options to keep it afloat; we knew this day was a possibility. I'm sorry and may the Force be with you."

    Trotter posted a copy of the letter Lucasfilm sent him. For a cease and desist letter, it was actually quite polite. The Lucasfilm representative noted "Poem Studios' affection and enthusiasm for the Star Wars franchise and the original KOTOR game" before noting that Lucasfilm "must object to any unlicensed use of Lucasfilm intellectual property." Effectively, it sounds like they are saying that they're not spiritually opposed to this project, but they do have to adhere to a legal precedent when it comes to these kinds of things.
    Source: denofgeek
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    Shocked! This thing never happens.
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    i'm puzzled about people leaking or showing their patches/updates,mods etc... and then anyone being shocked when they get a take down.

    Just finish it... and then leak it out in mass... torrents and the works.... and then once that's done, deal with the incoming take down notice.
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    I think that these people need to get a general feel for both their market and the licensor. They're likely not shocked, just sad. Sometimes it does work out. Valve embraced Black Mesa and CBS and Paramount, while they disallowed big Star Trek projects, did end up providing a license for shorter fan productions. (Edit: a 'non-license'; they specifically call it 'guidelines' so as not to imply it's a license.) They also haven't shut down the previous big fan projects yet (at the very least, Star Trek Continues is still available).

    It's the kind of thing a developer needs to know. They need enough of a product to show off to fans to judge interest and for the licensor to judge if the devs are worth discussing a license with. It's possible for the devs to do it once the project is done, but that prevents public feedback and testing, and of course since a takedown is likely at that point, it will also make it hard for fans to find the project anyway, with no previous buzz generated. So it seems to me like an inferior way to go.
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