Steam now has 30,000 games

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    Quietly, softly, some time in the past few weeks, Steam has reached a grand total of over 30,000 games. That sum is just games, mind you, and doesn’t include software, DLC, or videos (That total is about 21,000 more things.) That’s one game for every inhabitant of Kent, Ohio; Hatfield, Hertfordshire; or Dubbo, New South Wales. It’s not an immediately relevant milestone, but it is noteworthy just how much of that total came from releases in the last year or two. According to Steamspy about 9,300 games released in 2018, while about 6,700 released in 2017. That means that over half, roughly 53% of the games on Steam, came out in the two years since the advent of Steam Direct.
    Source: pcgamer

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