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Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Jac, Mar 7, 2019.

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    I managed to find an LG 32UK550 afterall. All black, minimal design, UHD and HDR10 support (though not anywhere near a proper HDR display)


    Got it setup and place on my desk and first impression is - fek this thing is massive. Working and browsing on it is going to take a bit of getting used to. Like I'd normally have two windows opened and snapped to each side but now they feel like they're too far away from me. I'm using 150% scaling to make things big enough to see, so I have more space and the image is that bit more crisp. I have the thing pushed right back as far as it can go on my desk, I wouldn't want to sit any closer to it that I do now.

    Movies look real good on it. I have a 4K HDR version of Bumblebee to watch - that looks very crisp and colorful. I look forward to the day when proper HDR monitors are available to the general consumer.
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    There's this weird little thing that occurs with 4k displays even at 28 inches.... 150% scaling is usually applied automatically.... but most people specially on a 28 inch will have a knee jerk reaction that they "cannot read or see anything" as it's too small.. but if you simply actually look, you can in fact read and see quite clearly without straining usually. My sister for example had this reaction and i know i did too, but if you set it to 100%, and use it for a good period, you'll find that it's all still VERY clear and readable, we're just not used to being able to see such things as "small" as they are with any clarity, it's usually far too pixelated or blurry.

    The other problem with scaling however is that there are numerous programs and even games that flatout break or get weird when scaling isn't 100%.
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