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  1. I have been going to a camp for 9-10 summers now, over the past 2 i have been training to be a counselor. And this last one i got kicked out by the new camp director, who lied her fucking ass off to me. Here is the letter i got from her.

    Dear Charles,

    Hello from (insert camp here)! We would like to thank you for your involvment last summer in our LIT program. I hope you learned a lot about leadership, the role of camp staff, and life.

    We have evaluated your performance as a Second Year LIT. Although we believe you to have the potential to be a role model for campers, at this time we do not feel you are ready to be a Junior Counselor. I encourage you to continue your leadership development on your own, at school, and in extracurricular activities.


    KJ (that was her nickname)

    Well needless to say this pissed me off pretty bad, since i know for a fact that i did a good job and the kids all loved me, even the week i got kicked out, i had to go back a couple of days later to get my shoes. Well some of my campers came and told me that they are going to request me as a counselor next summer. Well here was my reply.

    Hello KJ,

    This is Charles Ivy, I got your letter and I probably wouldn't be able to make it to camp this summer anyway. So no biggie...

    But there was one thing I was curious about, on Tuesday of the second week you sent me home. I was wondering why that was, because your excuse was that Chris (on of the campers in my cabin) was popped with a towel, and that he told you that it was me that did it, so you needed to send me home to avoid legal issues. But only a few weeks later, I found out that he didn't even MENTION me... He told you that it was the "black kid" in the other cabin. While I do admit that I have an excess of freckles, they hardly make me appear black. So if you wouldn't mind, would you please let me know why you sent me home with the excuse that Chris accused me, when he plainly told you that it was the "black kid" in the other cabin? Please don't lie to me again.

    Charles Ivy

    While it isn't particularly that big of a deal, i know she'll be scared that i will talk to her boss about it. I can't wait for her response. I'm finding another camp until she is fired, then i'll go back.
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    what a faggoat girl man that suckes i hope she gets screwd!:rofl:
  4. well what pissed me off was that it was her first year and she was doing that... i mean i could have done a better job running the camp...

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