Terry Crews is Looking Tight in the Latest Crackdown 3 Trailer

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    It’s been a long time since Xbox consoles were graced with a new Crackdown game, but it seems that we’re finally approaching the time for the series’ triumphant return. With this in mind, Crackdown 3 has got to make an impression on its players and nobody knows that better than Terry Crews; so he’s suiting up for the occasion.

    Brooklyn 99 star Terry Crews has been the face of Crackdown 3 for quite some time now and has been known for yelling its “Step up your boom” slogan. The latest live-action trailer shows Terry adjusting the cufflinks on a stylish tuxedo in front of a mirror before walking into a large penthouse apartment looking out onto scenery from the game. Sitting on the couch is his in-game character Commander Jaxon.

    Source: dualshockers

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